znt Zentrum für Neue Technologien GmbH

znt is a 100% software company with main focus on delivering innovative solutions for high tech industries, especially for the semiconductor industry. znt has gathered extensive know how during the last 30 years of creating several software products specific for the semiconductor industry. Therefore znt has highly experienced and skilled resources that will conduct the identified tasks in this project.

Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH (znt), founded in 1983 as ZAM and converted to the current legal entity in 1999, is a software system house and technology company focused on innovative and reliable software solutions for production control in High Tech industries, especially the semiconductor industry. znt develops equipment automation software products and provides plant-wide integration services for znt products as well as for partner software. The portfolio comprises flexible and scalable software solutions and IT services in the areas of MES, equipment automation, scheduling & dispatching as well as Advanced Process Control.

znt is a software house, which focuses on the usage, development and networking of latest technologies.


znt will take the role as task leader for 2 tasks in WP 2 and contribute with its extensive IT know how to several other tasks in WP 2 and WP 4.

znt is primarily participating in this project in the area of equipment automation and sensor integration:

  • For sensors some attempts have been made to establish standards for communication, but no standard has been put in place so far. Additionally lots of companion standards for various industries in context of Industry 4.0 are missing in the OPC-UA protocols
  • With its analysis and concepts znt plans to push the generation of a or several standards for sensor integration as well as building bridges between existing SEMI standards and new Industry 4.0 companion standards.


Key contribution

znt will conduct analysis, create concepts and develop software demonstrators for improved equipment automation, smart sensor connectivity and image recognition. Smart sensors shall be used in combination with advanced process control algorithms in order to reduce process complexity and to provide applicable process & tool health indicators to increase process and production stability (APC at FAB level).

znt Zentrum für Neue Technologien GmbH
Lena-Christ-Straße 2
D-82031 Grünwald bei München