Systementwicklung Dipl.-Inf. Manfred Austen GmbH

SYSTEMA provides since 20 years software solutions, processes, and services to the high technology industry that are cost-effective, improve productivity and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

SYSTEMA provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services in End-To-End Automation, Manufacturing IT and Enterprise Integration Solutions.
Specific priority is given to a new approach for Fab-wide Real-Time Information Processing, migrating integrated production and data systems toward transversal Information and Control systems.
SYSTEMA has a built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor to our clients, having established long-term collaborative partnerships where we provide valuable knowledge and deep expertise supporting clients to advance their competitive advantage through enterprise-level manufacturing software solutions:

  • Analyze, synthesize, and document business requirements and opportunities
  • Harmonize business processes through skillful application architecture and design
  • Audit “best of breed” standard software products and technologies
  • Design and implement platform-independent flexible, efficient, cost-effective solutions 
  • Support the introduction, training, rollout, maintenance, upgrade and migration processes

SYSTEMA’s methods and Know-how are developed and implemented throughout different industries worldwide.


SYSTEMA participate to WP2 and WP4 by researching on new Real-Time Fab / Production Information and Control systems and methods, including:

  • Analysis of requirements for Real-Time Fab Analysis and Optimization
  • Including mathematically grounded model in order to design and proof mathematically optimized method(s)
  • Specific focus on new Real-Time production forecasting methodologies (including production simulation capabilities),
  • Including capabilities to create Ad-hoc new chains of value (see “Industrie 4.0” specifications)
  • Analysis of corresponding data sources with regard to create transversal information throughout multiple application domains out of atomic data in Real-Time
  • Including different levels of granularity, such as: technical / operational / strategic level

Key contribution

Expert and specialist in Manufacturing IT technologies, MES, Automation and BI solutions. Research and experimental development of powerful MES and BI based Real-Time Information and Control solutions, methods and tools

  • for intelligent, dynamic, adaptive and high performing monitoring, analyzing, assessing and optimizing of production processes and manufacturing lines
  • based on large data volumes and overall consideration of cost-benefit functions
    aiming at faster and more reliable "product and production behavior learning
  • in Real-Time (inspired by “Industrie 4.0” and “Internet of Things”)

Systementwicklung Dipl.-Inf. Manfred Austen GmbH
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