Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Schiller Automatiserungstechnik GmbH, headquarterd in Osterhofen, Germany, manufactures advanced  turnkey automation systems in logistics. Schiller has proven itself as leading supplier for process management and logistic solutions in high volume manufacturing lines and logistics centers primarily in automotive and clean room applications.

Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH was founded in 1985 by Mr. Ewald Schiller starting with control systems for automation systems in the automotive environment. Ever since Schiller has developed itself to a turnkey supplier of automation systems offering both electrical and mechanical solutions including the intelligent Schiller stock management software SWarePro.Core business of Schiller is the automation of plants and machinery by electric control technology at tier 1 car manufacturers in Europe and Asia. A major strength is process management and integration of subsystems in high volume manufacturing lines and logistics centers. Following this objective many proprietary software and hardware products were formed.In the last years Schiller has enforced its clean room activities and established a second strong business unit aside automotive. Schiller has build-up a product portfolio for clean room solutions detailed below which consists of system solutions such as Soover OHT system, any kind of cassette stockers as well as the complementing software applications and interfaces towards existing MES and host systems.

A) Warehouse systems:

  • Shelf loading and unloading via customized gripper devices
  • Shelves with high storage density
  • Customized solutions with N2-Purging feature

B) Transfer stations:

  • Manual, semi automated and automated solutions for FOUP handling

C) Transport systems:

  • Lift stations to serve several floors within a fab;
  • Overhead hoist shuttle system - Soover® - moving on purely passive track elements dedicated to clean room environments

D) Software and quality management:

  • Control and monitoring systems, storage management, warehouse data base
  • Remote maintenance and diagnosis
  • Interface adaptions and protocols (e.g. SECS/GEM, …)

Schiller can rely on an experienced team of engineers especially in machine design and logistics software.


Schiller will have its major contribution in its task "Hybrid AMHS and simulation" which covers ist core competencies, where Schiller will contribute its expert knowledge in logistics and material dispatching in challenging and sophisticated system solutions. By combining our automotive experience with our clean room products for semi manufacturing we have the perquisites for developing new competitive solutions (hard and software) matching below tasks in the project:

  • Definition of a new, innovative hybrid AMHS system matching customer orientated manufacturing flows
  • Automated generation of dispatching routes starting from the layout of a conveyor based 200 mm front end wafer facility
  • Optimization of the routes using real time dispatching in dependence of the utilization and loading capacity of the fab
  • Strategy for lot prioritization and optimized routing in 200 & 300 mm fabs
  • Concept for transport time reduction using a conveyor based transportation system for a 300 mm fab

Key contribution

Expert know-how in logistics and distribution systems combined with with a long lasting track record in the automobile industry at premium car manufacturers will allow Schiller to transfer its automation excellence gained in automotive towards the semiconductors environment. Just-in-time delivery at 24/7 operation, flexibility to ever changing production plans, fast lot delivery, real time adaption of dispatching jobs are the challenges of next generation production lines in order to realize high product flexibility, while maintaining low operation costs and high throughputs. These criteria will be addressed and adapted towards the specific needs of semiconductor processing.

Schiller can rely on an experienced team of engineers especially in machine design and logistics software. They have realized comprehensive and complex automation solutions in high volume manufacturing environments in the past. Schiller will contribute its efforts and capabilities towards the challenges of this project such as:

  • provide a novel solution for smart durable delivery via the Soover OHT system matching a high product mix common in power electronics requiring frequent durable changes at various tools being a necessity for high production flexibility with changed tool settings
  • smart software concepts combining all inputs from various sources as MCS, processing tools, dispatch orders and unexpected events as machine downtimes for intelligent and fast durable delivery complying to the needs of high flexible manufacturing lines
  • develop new transportation & routing rules which scope with the latest requirements in highly automated production lines being able to change dispatching jobs real time on the fly and on top predict future events within the durable delivery for production planning

Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH
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