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Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university that trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The University focuses on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world.

Research is a priority commitment that has allowed Politecnico di Milano to achieve high quality results. Research activity moreover constitutes a parallel path to that formed by cooperation and alliances with the industrial system. Knowing the world in which you are going to work is a vital requirement for training students. By referring back to the needs of the productive, industrial world and public administration, research is facilitated in following new paths and dealing with the need for constant and rapid innovation. The alliance with the industrial world, in many cases favored by Fondazione Politecnico and by consortiums to which Politecnico belongs, allows the university to follow the vocation of the territories in which it operates and to be a stimulus for their development. The challenge which is being met today projects this tradition which is strongly rooted in the territory beyond the borders of the country, in a relationship which is developing first of all at the European level with the objective of contributing to the creation of a "single professional training market". Politecnico takes part in several research and training projects collaborating with the most qualified European universities

Politecnico di Milano is committed to achieving excellence in research.


The role of Politecnico di Milano in the project is to develop advanced models of a reactor for deposition of epitaxial Silicon that can be embedded in the reactor control system, thus exploiting real time information about the process to automatically adjust the deposition recipes and improve the quality of the grown material. It is the first time that the scientific understating of the fundamentals of chemical vapor deposition is exploited to use the big data that can be gathered monitoring the reactor operation to improve its performances through a virtuous control loop.

Key contribution

Politecnico di Milano is committed to achieving excellence in research. The path towards excellence is developed along the following actions: support advanced and fundamental research activities; develop strategic partnerships with academia and industry around the world to make significant contributions to society; develop new interdisciplinary research lines to tackle societal challenges; embed scientific developments and research results into university education. Politecnico di Milano is the top Italian university for projects funded by the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, which illustrates its capacity for planning and attracting funds to Lombardy. The University boasts a success rate above the European average of 21% and above the Italian average of 18.3%. In particular, in the context of the ERC Subprogramme, the University won, as Host Institution, 5 Advanced Grants, 2 Consolidator Grants and 1 Starting Grant, plus 1 Advanced Grant as Partner.

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