Plansee SE

PLANSEE is an expert for components manufactured from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium. Alloys and composite materials from PLANSEE come into their own wherever traditional materials are stretched beyond their limits.

Plansee SE founded in 1921, is a privately-owned business with its third generation of management. As the world market leader in high performance materials produced by powder metallurgy, the organization has established facilities at 29 locations in 16 countries. Worldwide, over 2,000 personnel contribute their comprehensive knowledge of industries and applications towards the development of customized materials and innovative products. By continually increasing production capacity, competences and international presence we are ensuring our role as a strong partner for research and industry. In close co-operation with our customers, we develop material solutions for future technologies such as clean energy, medical technology, electronics, and mobility.

Plansee has a fully vertically integrated production chain ranging from metal powder production to finished components.


Plansee is contributing to WP2 and WP5 within SemI40.

Major challenges are the development and implementation of single product tracking systems, the acquisition and processing of the according and relevant product specific process data, the implementation and validation of real time monitoring and quality control tools, the development of mathematical models describing the interactions during and the flexibility of an individual production step as well as the according (model based) optimization of the product logistics and production schedule.

Plansee will provide input for and contribute to the development of the according manufacturing systems by means of feasibility studies, tool development, definition of requirements, process data and system implementation.

Key contribution

Within the project, Plansee serves as an example of a producer of refractory metal components for high-tech electronics. Plansee will contribute in terms of model and system development and carry out the implementation and testing of potential tools.

Plansee SE
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