Balancing of system security and production flexibility

Objective 1: Provide reference demonstrator solutions for increased saftey and robustness against cyber-attacks in vintage production environment

Increased information transparency between fields and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Objective 2: Provide Big Data in semiconductor industry with semantics- and ontology- technologies. Set up a reliable data for automated decision in manufacturing processes

Management of critical knowledge decision making and for maintenance

Objective 3: Achieve better data quality from sensors and measurement instruments and methods to identify untrusted data. Automated decision making based on knowledge and rules.

Fab digitalization and virtualization incl. simulation platform

Objective 4: Virtualization of large nonlinear fab environment. Set-up simplified models for complex dynamic and nonlinear fab simulation.

Automation systems for flexible distributed production

Objective 5: Enable economically optimized production of small lot size and implement full single wafer traceability across multiple productions sites.