Ion Beam Services

Ion Beam Services is recognized as the European specialist of ion implantation and is positioning as a manufacturer of new-generation equipment in ion implantation technology. IBS offers its clients unique expertise to accompany them effectively in facing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

IBS (Ion beam Services) is a compagny set up in 1987. IBS employs about 85 persons (10% are PhD graduated) and has a plant in FRANCE (Peynier-Rousset), subsidiaries in Scotland (Bathgate), US and Singapore. IBS offers a wide range of equipment and services for semiconductor companies: ion implanters (IMC Beam Line tool and PULSION Plasma Doping tool), ion implantation foundry, maintenance, retrofit and refurbishment of ion implanters. Ion Beam Services has the agility and the capability to evolve rapidly with technologies, manufacturers developments and advance devices. Our PULSION* implant services division meet these new challenges with comprehensive solutions. Whether it is offering new species to implant, designing processes and equipment to keep up with the technological diversification in nanoelectronics, mastering new materials such as silicon carbide in power electronics.

Ion Beam Services has the agility and the capability to evolve rapidly with technologies, manufacturers developments and advance devices.


IBS will participate to WP3 as a specialist of ion implantation tools, more specially Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation tool and will develop and test algorithm for autodiagostic, autocorrection, autocalibration of its PULSION tool. IBS will work in close collaboration with academic laboratories and entreprises which have experience in modelling, computing, providing software solutions for the algorithm developments and with IFAT as the targeted application on power devices. IBS will be task leader of T3.3.1.

Key contribution

IBS must evolve in order to continue to grow in an international environment, with the aim of increasing its integration in manufacturing system and industrialization market. IBS will complement as an end-user for partners developing algorithms in WP3. Thanks to its implantation plateform and dedicated software, some relevant data from the PULSION* process module and sensors can be generated. PULSION* machine is located in a 5 class clean room and can manufacture 300mm wafers. IBS will be able to implement more automatization process, smart sensor on its PULSION* implanter and test some new algorithms. IBS will complement as an end-user for WP3 partners developing algorithm for learning machine and will bring its know-how of doping technology including annealing and diffusion processes too. The efficiency of the new algorithm will be directly checked on doping recipes for real power devices, choosing a process developped in collaboration with IFAT in EPPL project.

Ion Beam Services
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