Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

Infineon Dresden is a fully-owned subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG and one of the biggest Infineon production sites with a highly automated high-mix fab for 200 mm wafers for more-than-Moore technologies as well as the first high-volume production of power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers worldwide. About 2200 highly qualified and experienced experts from 20 nations work in the fields of technology development, production and support at Infineon Dresden.

The 200 mm fab manufactures high-end chips for the automotive industry, security and chip card applications, power management and multimarket applications. The production covers a wide range of technologies  with structures from 0.25 μm to 90 nm: More than 45 technologies and derivates for more than 400 different products with the possibility to choose between copper and aluminum metallization layers. Priorities are CMOS, eFlash, RFCMOS, Smart Power and CMOS optics.

In July 2011, the Infineon Management Board decided to establish Dresden as the world’s first high-volume fab for power semiconductor devices on 300 mm wafers: A new chapter for Infineon Dresden’s future with great potential.

Advanced semiconductor production on 200 mm wafers and the first worldwide volume production of power semiconductors on 300 mm wafers

Infineon Dresden stands for highest quality and first-class safety standards through the consistent implementation of a zero-defect-philosophy, for excellent yields even in product launches and for fast cycle times. Infineon Dresden is also leading-edge in innovation: Besides automation and innovative manufacturing concepts, business processes, maintenance concepts and equipment engineering technology innovation focuses on more-than-Moore technologies including embedded non-volatile memories, integrated MEMS and sensors (e. g. light, pressure), innovative unit processes, smart integrated power technologies for automotive and industrial applications and integrated silicon photonics.

Infineon Technologies Dresden: Quality meets Innovation


Within SemI40 Infineon Dresden works on the implementation of applications in the field of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) based on modern highly automated 200 and 300 mm frontend wafer production lines. The use of intelligent systems for monitoring and controlling of data and material flows is a consequent step towards the continuous enhancement of the competitiveness of European semiconductor companies assuring stable supply chains. Infineon Dresden will spend its deep know-how and expertise in high volume manufacturing and automation to investigate and implement smart applications for software, hardware and advanced automation concepts in the different semiconductor sites. Together with the whole network of industrial and academic partners the automation degree will be raised by using modern, state-of-the-art  IoT technologies.

Key contribution

Infineon Dresden is leader of the work package “Digitalization & Virtualiation”, bridging the virtual world with real manufacturing along the horizontal and vertical process flow within the front-end semiconductor production. Even today, the manufacturing flow in a state-of-the-art semiconductor fab is using fully automated lot and wafer transportation systems based on overhead transportation, conveyor or rail guided robotic systems. Parallel to the physical lot flow, thousands of data are send to the manufacturing execution system for advanced process control and wafer controlling.

For a stable production, the informal data flow needs to permanently be in accordance with the material flow. Highly advanced facilities send out lots of process data, which are stored in big databases and are used for monitoring and controlling wafers and lots. Besides the standard transportation systems, an upcoming new technology for free mobile robotic systems can be used to load and unload semiconductor equipment without using rails. One goal of the project is to define rules for more than one free mobile robotic system, which is called a “swarm”. The results can be used to define new software features for controlling a fleet of robots.

Furthermore,  new automated wafer transportation solutions like hybride systems will be investigated regarding a possible future use within the fabs. Due to enhanced fab automation, image recognition by human eyes must be replaced by sensors, substituting the human decision competence in case of error or deviations in the production flow. Integrated image recognition will immediately stop the automated production flow and thus helps to prevent cost intensive wafer scrap in case of any visible defect on the substrates. Finally the project will support the strategy of a green fab saving energy consumption by the use of energy data management to identify the most energy consuming parameters as the basis to reduce the energy consumption of the fab.

Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH
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