Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Headquartered in Villach, Infineon Technologies Austria AG is Infineon’s globally leading competence unit for power semiconductors. The company consolidates expertise in research and development, production, and global responsibility for business performance.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG (IFAT) is a 100% subsidiary company of the worldwide operating semiconductor producer Infineon Technologies AG und was founded in April 1999. Infineon is a global leader in semiconductor and system solutions that enable energy efficiency, mobility and security concepts of the future. IFAT holds worldwide manufacturing, R&D and business responsibilities for Infineon. It distinguishes itself as Infineon`s globally leading centre of competence for power semiconductors and represents the biggest “Research & Development” unit for microelectronics in Austria. This implays a high level of technology know-how in modeling, design, fabrication and Fab automation.  In Austria about 1,200 of more than 3,300 employees are working at five sites (Villach, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz, and Vienna) in the field of R&D.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG develops World-Class Manufacturing Competencies to

  • provide the full package from development, ramp up, volume production, transfer to fab synchronization
  • set a global benchmark for quality, innovation and speed at highly competitive costs
  • expand innovation leadership in its core competencies

IFAT provides the Best R&D Ecosystem for best R&D performance by

  • offering the shortest Time-to-Market with highest Quality-at-Ramp
  • actively managing partnerships for idea creation and idea integration
  • improving and using best-fit tools and processes

Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Pilot Area for IFAT means to achieve a competitive and sustainable cost performance of Infineon manufacturing facilities. The new Building 17th acts as I4.0 pilot for new automated workflows to be rolled out further on and to find out Infineon's potential contribution to customer’s I4.0 concepts with Infineon’s products.

In Austria about 1,200 of more than 3,300 employees are working at five sites (Villach, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz, and Vienna) in the field of R&D.v


Infineon Technologies Austria AG is the overall coordinator of Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0, contribution also for innovation and progress in the work packages: Cyber Physical Production Systems (WP1), Agile Facility (WP2), Machine learning and automated decision making (WP3), Virtualization / Digitalization (WP4), Use cases, technical and socio-economic impact (WP5), dissemination, exploitation and standardization (WP6).

Also overall project management and risk mitigation, as defined in WP7, is part of Infineon Technologies Austria`s project responsibilities.

Furthermore IFAT provide a Fab for industrial demonstaration in production environment for SemI40.

The following ENIAC projects reflect the pilot line and coordination capability of IFAT:

  1. Enabling power technologies on 300mm wafers (EPT 300): 300mm Manufacturing/process technology and transfer of one product to 300mm. Coordinator: IFAT
  2. Enhanced Power Pilot Line (EPPL): Transfer of 4 products to 300mm and further research and product development. Coordinator: IFAT

Key contribution

i) IFAT will act as overall project coordinator and project manager in the SemI40 Project

ii) IFAT will contribute with the scientific advancements reached during the running projects (EPT300, EPPL and eRamp) especially in relation to Industry 4.0 activities.

iii) IFAT will contribute as “use cases Fab for pilots”

iv) IFAT is also Tasks leader in different WPs and WP leader of the Project Management and Risk Mitigation

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Siemensstraße 2
A-9500 Villach