Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH

Fraunhofer Austria is a subcompany of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - the leading organisation for applied sciences in Europe. We orient our applied research projects always to the needs of Austria's industry and economy. Thereby we consider future trends and innovative technologies. We develop company-specific solutions and accompany companies when realising them.

In the division “Production and Logistics Management”, we plan and optimize structure, organization and processes in industry companies, their order processing process as well as in their production and logistics network. On the theme of “integrated solutions in production and logistics” we aim to achieve excellence in value-adding divisions of a company. We develop innovative solutions and methods for the production strategies of the future.

We offer our customers a variety of services in the field of customized production and logistics management:

  • analysis and evaluation
  • feasibility studies
  • concept development
  • method consulting
  • optimization of processes
  • implementation of developed measures
  • training, seminars and workshops

Our services include the analysis and assessment of performance improvement, optimization projects and the development of training measures - always in close cooperation with our customers:

  • studies / investigation of state of art of research data
  • development of methods and concepts for publicly funded projects (national, international, EU projects)
  • smaller research projects, e.g. the Austrian “Innovationsscheck”
  • exploring funding sources for cooperative research projects with industry partnersRegarding research projects we have a strong focus on publicly funded projects.

Fraunhofer Austria focuses on analysis, modeling and optimization production and logistics processes in a high-tech and highly automated environment.


Fraunhofer Austria is contributing to several work packages within SemI40.

WP2: Agile FacilityWithin task 2.3.1, we are leading the definition of the system concept and the capture of requirements of the smart process control system. This will be based on the several use cases of the industrial partners. Additionally, we are contributing to the system development for tracking, data acquisition, modeling and optimal process control.

WP3: Machine Learning and Automated Decision MakingWithin task 3.3.3, we are leading the development of dashboard components that will support decision making on shop floor. Furthermore, we are contributing to the development of algorithms for predictive analytics.

WP5: Use Cases, Technical & Socio-Economic ImpactWithin task 5.2.1, we are leading a technology assessment and analysing the technical impact for the complete project. Therefore, a suitable evaluation method will be developed.

Key contribution

Fraunhofer Austria focuses on analysis, modeling and optimization production and logistics processes in a high-tech and highly automated environment. This leads to research and applied research projects in the area of factory planning, design of internal and external supply processes, design of production networks, hybrid services and energy efficient production.

In this context, Fraunhofer Austria complements research expertise especially on the production planning and management layer. We bring in project experience from diverse domains and industries, which builds a link between requirements from the production management and the technical process layer.

Furthermore, Fraunhofer Austria comprises in depth knowledge of production processes, simulation and modelling, especially with a focus on semiconductor industry. We are able to include the worldwide competences of the Fraunhofer network. Additionally, we are a major research player in Austria with regards to smart manufacturing and industrial internet and thus a special source of knowledge.

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH
Theresianumgasse 27
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