European Impact

By the sustainability measures envisioned SemI40 project contributes to safeguard more than 20.000 jobs of people directly employed in the participating facilities and in total more than 300.000 jobs of people employed at all industry partners facilities worldwide. SemI40 targets to contribute to cost competitiveness in manufacturing “Made in Europe”. The activities are essentially supported by SME´s, research institutes, and academic partners. Particularly the leading edge research performed by the involved academic partners will further enhance manufacturing science in Europe resulting in a solid base for further I4.0 advancements.

The Education of the younger generation and the efficient use of natural resources such as energy and materials are in the focus. Through implementing I4.0 and enabling the connected manufacturing, the Semi40 project ensures high skilled and demanding jobs in manufacturing in Europe and maintains the competiveness of European industry and research in a truly European cooperative consortium.

Enhancing the capabilities of the European actors across the supply chain boosted by the leading semiconductor suppliers for power semiconductor devices will lead to a major step towards the fulfillment of the microelectronics strategy of the European Commission.

SemI40 results will enable European  enterprises in many aspects. Innovative power semiconductors will significantly enable future development of the European manufacturing industry toward the “Industry 4.0”.