Elmos Semiconductor AG

Elmos Semiconductor AG was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. Elmos is a leading company in the field of analogue mixed-signal semiconductors for automotive applications with world-wide subsidiaries.

Elmos is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions offering high quality integrated circuits. The product range of Elmos consists of application specific integrated circuits, such as IP cells, bus-systems, individual circuit and function blocks, DC/DC converter, input/output integrated circuits (ICs), transponders, actuator drivers, sensors and signal conditioning ICs as well as application specific standard products comprising drivers, motor drivers, and sensor interface ICs. Its semiconductor products are used primarily in electronics in the automobile industry, as well as in industrial and consumer goods electronics markets for applications in household appliances, photo cameras, installation and facility technology, and machine control applications.

Elmos maintains sales offices on four continents and guarantees fast support to the customer by means of local presence. Moreover, the company produces at five locations on three continents. By leveraging the benefits of in-house CMOS technology development, chip design and production, Elmos can always deliver the product best suited for the customer – be it a chip tailored to his specific requirements, a standard product ready to use in a short amount of time, or a complete microsystem as a symbiosis of sensor, read-out electronics and special package.The product portfolio is complemented by MEMS. At Elmos, this primarily involves high precision micro systems - mostly pressure sensors in silicon.

Elmos is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions offering high quality integrated circuits.


Elmos is the Leader of the Objective 2.1 “Smart manufacturing” and task leader of task 3.1.1.

Key contribution

The main task of Elmos will be in Objective 2.1: “Smart manufacturing” with the scope to enhance the fab OEE by dedicated actions like an automatic OCAP System and a reliable fab visualization system.

Other important contributions will be done in WP2 to install an automatic dispatching system and advanced APC as well as in WP3 improving the decision making support by combing all process data along the supply chain. In WP4 an autonomous robotic wafer transport system - linked to the dispatching system in WP2 - should be installed with a reliably self navigation system.

Elmos Semiconductor AG
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