AVL List GmbH

AVL LIST GmbH is the world’s largest privately owned and independent company for the development of powertrain systems as well as simulation, instrumentation and test systems.

AVL has about 3800 employees in Graz (over 2400 graduated engineers) and a global network of 65 representations and affiliates resulting in more than 7500 employees worldwide. AVL´s Powertrain Engineering division activities are focused on the research, design and development of various powertrains in the view of low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and improved drivability. The Advanced Simulation Technologies division develops and markets the simulation methods which are necessary for the powertrain development work. The Instrumentation and Test Systems division is an established manufacturer and provider of instruments and systems for powertrain and vehicle testing including combustion diagnostic sensors, optical systems as well as complete engine, powertrain and vehicle test beds. AVL supplies advanced development and testing solutions for conventional and hybrid vehicle components and systems like simulation platforms, development tools and system integration tools.

AVL will use knowledge, tooling and experience in the course of the project.


AVL will support the project by using its knowledge about simultaneous engineering to incorporate production issues into product development. Furthermore AVL will use knowledge, tooling and experience (f. example simulation and testing competence) in the course of the project. Additionally AVL will have the role to represent the use case to evaluate the benefit of the developed technologies for the application and industrialization for new innovative products which are required by the customers and the market.

Key contribution

AVL contributes to the technological work packlage, machine learning & automated decision making and will provide methods and knowledge in field of development, simulation, cost engineering and production development until industrialization for electronic components and further applications. AVL will support development of semiconductor technology and electronics by providing development methods (root cause, FMEA, Simultaneous Eng.) and knowledge in measurement, testing, production strategy and technologies. AVL will consider parallel the product/customer requirement on the market of the automotive battery and semiconductor applications.

Furthermore, AVL contributes to use cases, technical and product input. The plan is to align use case goal for extend product portfolio and  technology usage for new innovative product, AVL will contribute in generation of processes for implementation of innovative technologies in by End of Line Testing, it will be supported by usage of Simultaneous Eng. and Industrialization experience in automotive. Smart factory requirements and production systems will be considered. With measurement and key performance indicators AVL will show the impact of technology implementation as short term and long term effect at the production equipment and finally on the application and end user. The technological tasks will be guided according to innovative product portfolio to meet the requirements for typical future products.

AVL List GmbH
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