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AT&S is the European market leader and one of the globally leading manufacturers of high-value printed circuit boards. AT&S industrialises leading-edge technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Advanced Packaging.

In 2016, AT&S produces two new, leading-edge technologies at the new site in Chongqing (China) – IC substrates and substrate-like printed circuit boards for high-end applications. As an international growth enterprise, AT&S has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria (Leoben and Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai, Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan, near Seoul).

AT&S Group has approximately 8,700 employees, of which around 1,300 are in Austria. In the 2015/16 financial year AT&S’s sales revenues totaled EUR 762m, and earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) were EUR 77,0m (2014/15: revenues of EUR 667m, EBIT of EUR 90,1).

High-tech PCBs for high-tech applications

Printed circuit boards are the interface between electronic devices and their mechanical and electronic components (e.g. semiconductors). AT&S printed circuit boards are used in mobile devices (smartphones, smart watches, tablets, notebooks etc.), industrial electronics (process control, sensors etc.), automotive applications (e.g. transmission control, camera and security systems etc.) as well as medical and healthcare technology (hearing aids, pacemakers etc.).

Leading-edge trends in the electronics industry such as an increasing networking of vehicles, machine-to-machine communication in the industrial segment or wearables like smart watches in the mobile devices segment require further miniaturisation – this also applies to printed circuit boards. AT&S anticipates these trends and thinks ahead when developing the appropriate PCB technologies for large-scale production.

Long-term strategy in a dynamic environment

  • Focus on high-end technologies and applications with above aver-age growth potential and long-term profitability
  • Focus on highest service level and customer orientation
  • Focus on operational excellence
  • Focus on cash flow generation

AT&S in Austria

The headquarters (Leoben) and two production sites (Leoben, Fehring) represent the Austrian roots of AT&S. In Austria, AT&S has specialised in manufacturing high-value niche products for the automotive and industrial segments. Roughly 1,300 employees (approx. 1,000 at the Leoben site, incl. headquarters) work in Austria. They include roughly 40 apprentices in four apprenticeships (mechatronic, laboratory technician, physics laboratory technician, mechanical engineer). The share of female employees amounts to 40%. Offering more than 100 flexible part-time models, AT&S gives its employees the opportunity to optimally reconcile family and professional life. The site in Leoben is also the group’s research and development centre: about 80 employees provide the basis for the innovations of AT&S, which are then developed to market maturity at the respective production sites.

AT&S in Asia

European innovative power, high-volume production in a lower-cost environment (India, China, Korea) as well as absolute quality and customer orientation are the key advantages AT&S has in order to assert itself in an Asian-dominated competitive environment.


2016: AT&S receives certification for the serial production of IC substrates at the plant in Chongqing

2015: Record revenue and earnings in FY 2014/15, Chongqing investment programme increased from EUR 350m to EUR 480m

2013: AT&S announces entry into IC substrate technology in cooperation with a leading producer of semiconductors

2011: Ground-breaking ceremony for new plant in Chongqing, China; 30% capacity increase at the Shanghai plant

2010: Production starts at plant 2 in India

2009: Reorientation in production: Austrian plants produce for high-value niches in the industrial and automotive segments; Shanghai focuses on high-end mobile devices segment

2008: AT&S changes from Frankfurt to Vienna Stock Exchange

2006: Acquisition of a Korean manufacturer of flexible printed circuit boards

2002: Production starts at the new plant in Shanghai – one of the globally leading HDI plants

1999: IPO in Frankfurt; acquisition of India’s largest PCB producer Indal in Nanjangud

1994: Privatisation and acceptance of tender of Mr Androsch, Mr Dörflinger and Mr Zoidl

1987: Foundation of the company, emerged from several companies owned by the Austrian nationalised industry

For the project SemI40 AT&S provides real productive environment including pilot facilities for full scale testing of the innovations foreseen.


AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG contributes to the technical workpackage 3 – Machine Learning and Automated Decision Making. Since we are a global technology leader in the PCB industry and the largest PCB producer in Europe we are an excellent partner to explore new knowledge with innovative approaches. So, the AT&S AG is a major part of this work package – as an use-case owner/provider.

In the workpackage 3 we focuse on the application of machine learning and data mining algorithms in our main processes copper plating and patterning (photo) – concentrating on products with embedded components. As one of the first manufacturers to offer patented chip embedding technology (ECP®), we are ideally positioned to make the most of the increasing trend towards miniaturization, increase of efficiency and energy saving. To realize automated decision making we have to establish full unit traceability with a suitable IT framework, which provide all traceability and manage all process data for the automated decision making. Predictive analytics, root cause analysis and finally automated decision making will be applied and evaluated in our production shop floor.

Key contribution

The IoT (Internet  of Things) applications are the driving future trends for our industry. Everthing is going to be smart and/or connected. Smart mobility, wearable electronics, smart production and smart healthcare are the challenges that AT&S addresses with its PCBs (standard and embedded PCBs) and IC substrates. Research and Development is our key to technological leadership and the innovation is the driver binding elements across all product groups – from standard PCB and HDI boards to embedding PCB and IC substrates. The production site’s excellence process know-how and high level of expertise have made it possible to produce our patent chip embedding technology (ECP®) as one of the first manufacturers. For the project SemI40 AT&S provides real productive environment including pilot facilities for full scale testing of the innovations foreseen. Additionally, with our R&D history and our excellence process know-how, AT&S brings in expertise which can be build on.

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