The SemI40 Book

SemI40 (15.5 MiB)

The primary objective of this collection of articles is to demonstrate how European industries
and academic partners developed methods and technologies for automation and smart production
systems. Another important objective is to provide examples of success industial applications for
use in workshops and in academic courses. Engineers, technicians and science students can use
the wide variety of implementations as examples to learn how many different applications and
challenges are included in a project like SemI40 and how it is possible to deal with topics such
as automation, process optimisation, energy efficiency, swarm intelligence, machine learning for
decision making support, advanced transportation and logistics, compliance in CPS,. . .
The broad selection of articles offers engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers numerous
examples of best-in-class practices by their peers. They provide results and information for a
better understanding of the potential impact of some Industry4.0 aspects. Engineers, managers and
scientists with a modest background in Industry4.0 topics and methodologies can understand most
of the illustrated topics.