AMKOR, Vila do Conde (Porto), Portugal, is an independent semiconductor company, dedicated to providing development, manufacturing, testing and engineering services in the semiconductor business, operating namely in WLP/RDL and in traditional substrate and leadframe based packages.

AMKOR is focusing on leading edge advanced packaging technologies and intends to become a reference Backend foundry for eWLB and SiP technologies in Europe. In that direction, AMKORhas recently licensed the eWLB technology from Infineon and developed and qualified together with Infineon, one of the first eWLB 300mm lines in the world. This line is now in full volume production. AMKOR has approximately 400 employees. Thanks to 14 years of experience in the Backend semiconductor business (as former Siemens Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies and recently Qimonda Portugal), AMKOR has a highly qualified and competent team and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that include ultimate technologies in wafer level packaging for 200mm (8”) to 300mm (12”) and a complete assembly and test manufacturing solutions (covering assembly, test, burn-in, mark-scan-pack).

With over 15 years of experience we can provide valuable insights and participate in the discussion forums.


Besides participating in the Work Package teams, AMKOR can offer productive environment to run pilots and tests for the solutions that will be identified and designed. AMKOR can also provide insights and actual scenarios where this tool would be of great advantage in a shop floor environment. 

The company is participatin in WP2 and WP3.

AMKOR will provide information about the potential benefits and results of the project, 
they will identify the project results and classify them accordingly to their commercial potential and  elaborate on a possible turnkey solution that can be adapted to several and different business models.


Key contribution

As a player in the EU semiconductor industry with a broad portfolio and over 15 years of experience, it’s common procedure the need to hold material logistically , The release doesn’t require in fact engineering analysis, just a cross check, confirmation , change to inspection cells , etc.
The idea of having such a tool that would prevent lots to go on hold, or that would automatically provide disposition, would be of great advantage to us and with immediate implementation in our shop floor.

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